Mar 12

Conference Program

The preliminary conference program for the ACOVS10 meeting is now live on the website.  Please look here: ACOVS10-PrelimProgram6

Or look at the program page

Mar 07

Early Bird Registration Deadline is now 14th March

The program for ACOVS10 will be released on Monday 10th March.  To allow those wishing to see the program before committing to attend the meeting some time to get an early bird discount, the deadline for early bird registration has been extended to the 14th March.

Registration link can be found HERE

Dec 19

Registration and Abstract Submission is Open!

ACOVS10 is now accepting abstracts and registrations for the rescheduled meeting in April 2014.  Please visit the abstract submission page for further information.  The deadline for abstract submission is the 31st January.  Also, the registration page can be found here.

The new conference flyer is here: ACOVS10 Glenelg 2014 Flyer.

Sep 19

Conference Rescheduled for April 2014

In spite of significant efforts to promote the conference, we have been unable to generate enough abstract submissions to give us a full program and a financially viable meeting.

The general consensus amongst the local organising committee and the scientific advisory committee is that we have been disadvantaged by competition with other meetings (synchrotron IR meeting the week prior to ACOVS, ICAVS recently held in Japan, an Asian spectroscopy meeting in December, and an RACI Physchem meeting in December).

We have two options: run a smaller scale meeting or re-schedule it to April next year when we will be able to get a larger number of participants.  After speaking to the venue and the sponsors, the decision has been taken to postpone the meeting until April (14-16th).

I apologise most sincerely for this development, and hope that you can participate in the meeting at the new dates in April 2014.


(ACOVS10 Chair)

Aug 31

Professor Zhan Chen – Plenary Speaker

The Plenary Speaker for the ACOVS10 conference will be Professor Zhan Chen from the University of Michigan.  Professor Chen is an expert non-linear vibrational spectroscopist and will be giving a lecture on “Molecular Structures of Polymers and Biological Molecules at Buried Interfaces Determined by Linear and Nonlinear Vibrational Spectroscopic Techniques”.


Biography of Professor Chen:

Professor Zhan Chen received his BS degree from Peking University and his MS degree from Chinese Academy of Sciences. He obtained his PhD degree from the University of California at Berkeley and did his postdoctoral research in Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. He then worked at the University of Michigan as an assistant professor (2000-2005) and an associate professor with tenure (2005-2009), and was promoted to a full professor with tenure in 2009. Currently he is a professor of chemistry, macromolecular science and engineering, and applied physics at the University of Michigan. Professor Chen received Beckman Young Investigator Award (2003), Dow Corning Professorship (2003-2006), US National Science Foundation CAREER Award (2005), and Japan Society for the Promotion of Science Invitation Fellowship (2006). He is a guest professor at Jinan University and at Southeast University. Professor Chen’s research is focused on the molecular level understanding of structures of polymers and biological molecules at interfaces using nonlinear optical spectroscopic techniques. His research group developed systematic approaches to apply nonlinear optical spectroscopic techniques to elucidate polymer surface structures in water, buried polymer/polymer and polymer/metal interfacial structures, molecular interactions between nanoparticles and cell membranes, and interfacial structures of peptides and proteins. He has published more than 150 journal articles and has presented more than 200 invited talks.

Aug 18

Big Name Sponsors

ACOVS10 is lucky enough to be supported by the biggest FTIR and Raman spectrometer manufacturers.  We now have three Gold Level sponsors: Agilent, Bruker, and Renishaw.  We also now have five confirmed conference exhibitors: Agilent, Bruker, Warsash Scientific, Lastek, and Thermo. We thank these companies for their support.

And our most recent sponsor is the Ian Wark Research Institute (at UniSA), who are sponsoring our plenary speaker.


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Aug 18

Keynotes Confirmed

The Keynote Speakers for the conference themes are almost all confirmed.  We have been fortunate to have a number of high profile spectroscopists from Australia and New Zealand accept their invitations to speak at ACOVS10.  The list of speakers confirmed so far is as follows:

Bayden Wood, Monash University (Biospectroscopy theme)

Jim McQuillan, University of Otago (Surface/Enhanced Spectroscopy theme)

Keith Gordon, University of Otago (Computational/Theoretical Methods theme)

Vincent Wallace, University of Western Australia (Time-resolved Spectroscopy/THz/CARS theme)

Paul Kirkbride, Flinders University (Forensic/Art/Archaeology theme)